Wood is one of nature’s forms of art with its grains, colors and forms. Therefore in my works, I want to highlight its natural beauty.”

Nousia jewelry is designed so that the natural materials play the key role. The simple design makes them suitable for weekdays or more formal occasions.

Unlike many other wooden jewelry makers, I do not use laser-cutters in the manufacturing process. Instead, each piece of jewelry is given its shape by myself, by hand tools making each piece of jewelry unique.  Everything you find here is made of solid wood, mainly from leftover wood from other woodworking projects. The wood is finished with wood-oil and -wax. The wood used in my jewelry are: ash tree, black alder, silver birch (and the cultivar of silver birch), oak and american walnut.

When it comes to using leather in jewelrymaking, I am always in awe how versatile material leather can be. Leather can be dyed, softened, hardened and molded to different forms making it an ideal material for crafting jewelry.  The leather used in my jewelry comes from left over pieces from other leatherworking projects, therefore reducing the amount of leather that goes to waste.

All metal used in my jewelry is tested for lead, nickel and cadmium traces. For the most part, I use surgical stainless steel which is durable, safe and does not tarnish over time.

You can find items available for purchase at my webshop:  https/://holvi.com/shop/nousia