Nousia was founded in 2017 by my passion for handcrafts.

My homestead, Kivitasku –a place of distinct Finnish architecture and mythology, was being built during the years of my childhood. Growing up surrounded by forest by a small lake in Central Finland had surely had an impact on my worldview and my relationship with nature. Given that as a child I was surrounded by constant wooden construction works and artisans, it was only natural that some of those characteristics were also passed on to me.  During these years I started familiarizing myself with handcrafts and eventually made me a self-taught carpenter.  Now, I feel privileged to have been raised in an environment encouraging self-expression, enabling me to develop my handcrafting skills.

My philosophy regarding woodworks could be described as follows;

“Wood is one of nature’s forms of art with its grains, colors and forms. Therefore in my works, I want to highlight its natural beauty. ”

Also, I want to carry on the traditional arts of Finnish handrcafts and create more sustainable natural material products to this plastic filled world we live in.

– Juho Nousiainen